Providing people with person-centred support and opportunities is at the heart of what we do at Community ConneX.

Collecting feedback and finding out people’s views about our organisation are a crucial part of this process. We are delighted to have received lots of positive responses from across our community about the work that we do, here are just a few examples of the impact our activities have had on people’s lives.

Feedback from clients and families

Our client Kelly loves doing yoga as a part of her activities, she says:

“It helps my stress because I have a history with mental health problems, but if I do yoga, it really helps my depression and calms me down.”

Our client, and volunteer Syed says our services are:

“The best and help the people.”

Our client Laetitia says that while on our services:

“The workshops helped me be more open about having Williams syndrome. I have taken these lessons and have started to use these in my everyday life.”

A parent says:

"This is a well-run, diverse scheme that my child really enjoyed. She was excited about the next day's activities and the range and scope of the activities and visits was impressive. Well done and thank you."

Another client’s mother has this to say about our short breaks:

“Thank you for giving Nicole a lovely weekend, I can never thank you enough - she loved it so much and it was the first time I have had a weekend to myself since my divorce 10 years ago!”

Trisha, whose son Chris has been a long-term client, told us about the impact of our services on his life, she says:

“He has really grown in confidence, feeling comfortable around the other members and staff. He's improved his communication skills and become fitter through all the exercise he does. He has also outgrown his fear of dogs!”

Stakeholder consultation

In 2020, we worked together with our partners at Competitive Solutions to run a comprehensive consultation our clients and their families to find out what they think about our services, and where we can improve. We were delighted to hear their feedback.

When we asked our clients’ carers and parents to describe our activities in 3 words, they said:

“Supportive, amazing, trustworthy”

“Excellent, helpful, friendly”

“Lockdown service amazing”

“They are brilliant”

“It’s a lifeline”

“Innovative, friendly, passionate”

When asked about their experience of our staff, 86% of clients’ parents and carers said staff were extremely friendly or very friendly.

When surveyed about our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, 93% of our clients’ families said our support was high or very high quality.

When asked about our staff, 97% of our clients surveyed said staff were "friendly and helpful."

When surveyed, 88% of our clients said they would recommend our services to a friend.

Feedback from partners, volunteers and supporters

A Care Manager at Harrow Council says:

“Parents have told me about the support that you have provided during the pandemic. This has been in the form of regular telephone calls, home visits (maintaining a distance) and walks in the community. Your support has made a real difference to the lives of people that are using your service. It's been a very difficult period and for a number of people, they have experienced a sense of isolation and have struggled. Knowing that you have been there and that contact can be maintained with friends, this has enabled people to get through this difficult period. I have been so impressed by the support that people have received … I feel as a team, you go above and beyond and I think that this should be acknowledged. I would like to thank you for everything that you have done over the past few months, and everything that you are planning on doing in the future. The citizens of Harrow are always at the centre of everything that you do, and you have made a difference to the lives of others.”

Hillingdon Councillor Becky Haggar who joined one of our digital activity sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic says:

“It is wonderful to see that in this very vulnerable time with Covid-19 that … [you] are offering a lifeline for connecting to others.”

Our volunteer Rupa says:

“Volunteering brought me so much confidence and it helped me to be more independent.”

Andrew says volunteering with us:

“Opened my eyes up, I’ve been over the moon. I’m always smiling, I’ve always got something to do, if I’m not doing collections, I’m taking photos at the events and if I’m not doing that, I’m doing something else in the community.”

Jonathan, says time spent with us as a volunteer has meant that:

“Life has been a lot better with me and my brother’s wellbeing

Julia says that as a volunteer:

“My time so far … has been interesting, the get togethers have been a good way to get to know each other, conference calls have been a good way to keep in touch in these uncertain times. I have enjoyed the quizzes when taking part or doing my own. Due to the hard work of everyone behind the scenes Connecting Communities is a great success. Long may it continue.”

Jim Quigley, a Tesco Area Manager responsible for Tesco Express and Metro stores in the Harrow, Wembley and Watford says:

“I am in complete admiration of all the volunteers and colleagues who make … [you] such an inspirational charity within our community and was happy that we could make a contribution to the continued works you do.”
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